Low Vision Clinic

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Learning to live with diminished vision is probably something you’ve never thought about until you’ve had to. We’re the area’s leading center for the visually impaired, and we’re here to help you with every step of your vision journey. 

About VIa's low vision clinic


    Your ophthalmologist will continue to monitor and treat the health of your eyes. Our Doctor of Optometry, a Certified Low Vision Therapist (CLVT), will perform a thorough evaluation of your vision, talk with you about your goals, and determine what additional vision rehabilitation services will help you achieve those goals.

    What is Vision Rehabilitation?

    Vision Rehabilitation includes an array of professional services that help to maximize safety, independence, and quality of life following vision loss. Services may be provided in the home, school, or workplace.


    • Reading small or standard print
    • Identifying medications / dosage instructions
    • Keyboarding / computer use
    • Watching television
    • Recognizing faces
    • Identifying and organizing household items
    • Telling time

    about our provider dr. james simmons

    Dr. Simmons performing eye exam in Low Vision Clinic.

    Dr. James Simmons, a native to Western New York, graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Philadelphia, PA in 1993. There he earned his Doctorate of Optometry and Master of Science in Vision Rehabilitation. Prior to that he attended LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology.

    Dr. Simmons has been employed within VIA’s Vision Rehabilitation Department as our Certified Low Vision Optometrist for over 20 years. He demonstrates compassion for each individual that sits in his exam chair.

    What can I expect during the low vision exam?

    We’ll discuss your vision loss.

    We will begin by gathering an extensive health history and getting information about you and how vision loss is affecting you, your family and your life. We’ll ask that you bring any items that you’re currently utilizing, including any eyeglasses or magnifiers, with you to our low vision clinic.

    We’ll educate you and answer important questions.

    We’ll talk with you about your eye condition and answer your questions on what you might experience moving forward. We suggest having a friend/family member with you in the exam room since there is a lot of information.

    We’ll maximize your vision.

    Dr. Simmons will be trying a variety of lenses to assist you in seeing at a distance and reading print. We’ll talk about lighting and how it affects your ability to perform activities of daily living. If applicable, we’ll make recommendations for additional vision rehabilitation services that might be beneficial in maximizing your independence. We hear so often from our patients that they wish they would’ve known about us or come to see us sooner.

    If you’re having difficulties related to your sight, turn to VIA for help. Our vision loss rehabilitation services can get you back to where you were before your vision loss. Contact VIA today to learn more.

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    clinic hours

    Monday – Thursday
    8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

    To make an appointment at one of our locations, 
    please call us at (716) 888-4556