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Thank you for visiting our specialized careers page at VIA. A career working with people who are blind and visually impaired is immensely rewarding as it allows one to facilitate independence, foster inclusivity, and witness the transformative impact of empowerment through support and accessibility measures. There are numerous careers in which VIA will provide scholarships to potential candidates pursuing a master’s degree in blind rehabilitation. Most of these programs are available online and require few in-person sessions.

Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI)

  • Special Education Training
  • Adapt classroom material
  • Ensure visually impaired students receive a quality education tailored to their unique needs
  • Assist in transition planning to help prepare for post-secondary education, vocational training, employment, and independent living

Orientation & Mobility Instructor

  • Instruct individuals with visual impairments how to navigate their environment safely and independently
  • Help develop orientation skills (knowing where they are)
  • Help develop mobility skills (getting to where they want to go)
  • Provide training with a sighted guide, long cane, or guide dog; empowering individuals to navigate their surroundings confidently.

Vision Rehab Therapist (VRT)

  • Helps those with visual impairments maximize their independence and quality of life
  • Offer instruction in adaptive techniques, including the use of low vision aids, assistive technology, tactile markers, and more.
  • Help clients adjust to life with vision loss

Field of Vision Rehabilitation

Are you a dedicated human service professional or a recent graduate with a degree like special education, social work, or occupational therapy? Are you looking for a meaningful career that offers not just a job but a profound sense of purpose?

Explore the field of Vision Rehabilitation— dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with visual impairments. This is your opportunity to genuinely make a difference, helping others achieve greater independence and quality of life.

Take the next step in your career with a full master’s degree scholarship in Vision Rehabilitation, sponsored by VIA. This scholarship is designed to support passionate individuals like you in becoming skilled professionals who can contribute significantly to the community.

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