Creating Workplace Inclusion: Marco’s Pizza & Subs

client John Randall and owner Mark Saladyga
Mark from Marco’s Pizza and Sub in Arcade, NY standing with VIA client John Randall. Mark was awarded a nomination during National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Testimonial from Mark Saladyga – Marco’s Pizza and Subs Arcade, NY

Diversity is Key

I have a motley crew, and inclusion has long been a practice with my co-workers and me since the beginning! From the very start, I tried to be active in our local schools and with BOCES, with the Wyoming County Angels in action, and our local foster and adoption agencies. It’s my true belief that most problems with employers are that they have never been a part of a team that included people with disabilities or life’s challenges.

By participating with different organizations and bringing in co-workers, these kids learn that there is nothing to fear from a young age. Going forward, I pray that they will promote the same kind of growth wherever they are employed in the future.

Persistence for Both Parties

How did we make the program work? Persistence on both John’s and my part. My co-workers and I learned that the most important thing for John is structure. Whether it’s the placement of something around the pizzeria or the order in which he completes his task, it saves him a ton of effort by sticking to his routine.

How VIA helped John and Mark

I would give VIA: Visually Impaired Advancement 5 Stars. Honestly, The VIA staff, and John’s job coaches, Carilee and Jeremy, were fantastic! To say I was apprehensive would be an understatement. The ovens, fryers, so many moving parts, I was terrified for his safety.

Through the coaching he and I both got, it worked out tremendously well! I would have no problems at all hiring more folks who are visually impaired in the future, as long as I knew VIA was on the back end with coaching and a game plan that could help myself and the individual!

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