Corporate Giving: Empowering Visionary Change

At VIA: Visually Impaired Advancement, we believe in the power of corporate partnerships to drive positive change and transform the lives of visually impaired individuals. Your company can make a lasting impact through corporate giving, fostering inclusivity and empowering those affected by visual impairments to reach their full potential. Join us on our mission to create a world where everyone can thrive, regardless of visual abilities.

Applebees in Lakewood: client was Adam Willis, his wife Casey (also a client) was there. The manager was Jim Kestler. Darla Miller VRC was there from the Commission.

Ways to Engage

Blind Simulations (aka Lunch and Learns): With vision loss affecting over 27 million people in the United States, VIA makes it our mission to help inform and educate the public about how people who are visually impaired can live and work independently. VIA’s blind simulation (commonly known as Lunch & Learn) helps educate and increase diversity awareness in the workplace. VIA shows the capability of people with all different abilities by giving others an interactive glimpse into someone who lives day to day without using their vision at no charge to your company.

Financial Contributions: Make a direct impact by providing financial support to VIA. Your contributions enable us to invest in educational programs, assistive technologies, and vital services for individuals who are visually impaired.
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Matching Gifts: Amplify the impact of your employees’ charitable contributions by offering a matching gift program. This initiative encourages your employees to donate to VIA, knowing their contributions will be doubled, thereby maximizing their support.

Cause Marketing Collaborations: Partner with VIA to create cause marketing campaigns that raise awareness about visual impairments while promoting your brand. Collaborate with us to develop engaging initiatives that resonate with your target audience, demonstrating your commitment to social impact. For more information on potential collaborations, please contact Renee DiFlavio at:
Phone: 716-888-4627

Sponsorship Opportunities: Showcase your company’s support for individuals who are visually impaired by sponsoring VIA’s Youth Recreation Events, Cocktail in the Dark, and Dining in the Dark events. As a sponsor, your brand will gain valuable visibility and recognition among our community, customers, and stakeholders. For more information on Youth Recreation Sponsorship, please contact Ray Zylinski at:
Phone: 716-888-4558

Why Partner with VIA?

Meaningful Social Impact: By supporting VIA through corporate giving, you directly contribute to advancing the lives of visually impaired individuals. Your partnership enables us to develop innovative programs, provide critical resources, and advocate for accessibility and inclusion.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Demonstrate your company’s commitment to social responsibility and ethical practices. Aligning with VIA sends a powerful message to your stakeholders, employees, and customers that you prioritize making a difference in the lives of others.

Enhanced Brand Reputation: Partnering with VIA strengthens your brand reputation as a socially conscious organization. Your involvement in our initiatives and events showcases your dedication to social impact, fostering a positive image and building trust among your target audience.

Employee Engagement: Corporate giving opportunities provide your employees with a meaningful way to give back to the community. Engage your workforce through volunteer activities, fundraising events, and skill-based initiatives, fostering a sense of purpose, teamwork, and employee satisfaction.

Ray and Scott Bieler with Socially Responsible Partner Award.

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