Jordan Bursie

Jordan was diagnosed with glaucoma when he was 12 and started coming to VIA when he was 16. VIA has helped Jordan relearn what he was able to do before experiencing vision loss and continues to go through visual rehabilitation training to learn skills to be successful in his career his hobbies. Watch Jordan's new VIA partnered YouTube channel, Taste Unseen.

Angela wiggins

Angela has retinitis pigmentosa, but with VIA’s help, she has discovered new ways to enjoy the things she does while living with a visual impairment. One of her favorite activities is attending Bills games, which she continues to attend after adjusting to stairs and other surroundings with support from VIA’s vision rehab specialists.

Josh Mador

Josh was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and began seeing Dr. Simmons at VIA. After beginning a series of orientation and mobility sessions, along with vision rehabilitation, Josh was able to navigate his day-to-day life better.

Rose Carpenter

Rose was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. Thanks to some help from VIA's workforce development program, Rose discovered her pathway to independence to get her GED and start a career at Jamestown's National Comedy Center.