Client Spotlight: A Letter from Trisha and Zach Waldraff

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Trisha and Zach are the highlighted clients of VIA’s 2021-22 Annual Appeal.

Dear Friend,

My name is Trisha Waldraff, and my son Zachery and I are clients of VIA. Zach and I are both legally blind. Our eye condition is called Aniridia. VIA’s programs are the best thing that ever happened for us. They give us confidence, exercise, and excitement to try new things. But most of all, I love how they get Zach and me out of our comfort zone. What I mean by this is since our vision is poor, it is horrifying trying new things you’ve never done before. Because of VIA, we try new experiences even though we are nervous. 

One example is when we went zip lining with VIA. Zach was so scared. Everyone kept telling him to do it. He didn’t want to until the instructor said it was the final call. He got just enough courage, and he LOVED it. He had the biggest smile on his face the entire day. That day meant everything to me because, as a blind parent, I could not do those activities for him. 

VIA helps us get out of the house and meet new people. Through VIA, Zach met the blind hockey coach and is now part of the blind hockey team. Zach is super excited! It’s all thanks to the VIA. The staff is amazing as well. They are always there to help and make sure everything is OK. Between the staff and other families, you feel so close with everyone as if they are your family.

Thank you to those who have donated in the past, and please consider giving today to help others like myself and Zach.  


Trisha W. – VIA Client & Ambassador

VIA clients Trisha and Zach hugging.
VIA clients, Trisha and Zachary Waldraff, hugging outside of their home.
Via client ziplining
Zachary Waldraff ziplining during VIA READY program.



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