Annual Appeal 2023-24

your donation will:

Provide eye exams and help clients with vision rehabilitation needs.

Support our youth programs to empower kids who are visually impaired to learn and grow. 

Help thousands who are blind or visually impaired in our community!

Meet Terence James

Have you heard of VIA? It stands for Visually Impaired Advancement

Through our vision rehabilitation programs and services, our non-profit agency enables individuals with vision loss to achieve independence. Our programs provide specialized tools, education, rehabilitation, job training, and job placement to people of all ages, enabling remarkable stories of daily triumph.

Take a moment to meet Terence, a seasoned professional in the hospitality industry. Despite being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa in his youth, Terence held onto an unwavering optimism for the stability of his vision. However, the rapid deterioration of his sight led him to step down as General Manager of a prominent Buffalo hotel in 2016, marking the end of his 25-year-long career.

With guidance and support from VIA’s vision rehabilitation services, Terence reclaimed his place in the workforce, equipped with the skills, confidence, and independence he needed to thrive.

Terence plays an integral role at the VIA Low Vision Clinic, catering to the needs of over 1,000 patients annually.

Your generous contribution to VIA ensures that individuals facing vision loss are not left in the dark but are provided with the comprehensive support necessary to reclaim their independence.

By donating today, you are actively contributing to creating a more inclusive community!

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