Annual Appeal 2022-23

your donation will:

Provide eye exams and help clients with vision rehabilitation needs.

Support our youth programs to empower kids who are visually impaired to learn and grow. 

Help thousands who are blind or visually impaired in our community!

Meet the LaFratta Family

My boys were both born legally blind. I was told Mattie was blind at around a year old and that Ryan, who I was still pregnant with, would be blind too. I took a few days to digest the news I was given, then I knew it was time to get into action. I got Mattie all the services he needed to have the best start. When Ryan was born, I did the same for him. My goal was never to wrap them in a bubble or tell them they couldn’t do something.

We started working with VIA: Visually Impaired Advancement when they started elementary school. With VIA, my kids got the highest level of rehabilitation services, which they still use. They also provided us with excellent low-vision specialists. My boys have gotten to do activities like rock climbing, learning adaptive technology, and traveling independently in our community. My kids also received job training and their first jobs through VIA!

Being a parent of two blind children is not always easy, but my husband, kids, and I know that being blind will not hold you back, and VIA helps instill that in every life they touch.

The dedication and hard work that every employee at VIA puts forth every day they step through that door is nothing short of amazing. My family and I are forever grateful. They were like a light in the dark for us, and their guidance was critical in making my boys successful.

Thank you to those who have donated in the past, and to help more people with visual impairment, please consider giving to VIA today!

Two boys who are visually impaired in front of a blue backdrop.
Mattie at his first job, Tops.
Mattie outside of his first job, Tops.
Ryan at his first job, Explore and More.
Ryan outside of his first job, Explore & More.

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