visually impaired advancement

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For people and their families who are facing the fear and uncertainty that accompany vision loss, VIA is a path to the comfort, strength and hope they need to help achieve their highest degree of independence. VIA provides the tools, education, and support that empower people who are blind and visually impaired to overcome their challenges and live more fulfilling lives, professionally and personally.

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Who we are

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From the first formal meeting of the Buffalo Association of the Blind in 1907 to the Olmsted Center for Sight and now VIA, this organization has a rich history of helping the visually impaired see the future and be seen as productive members of the community by the world around them.
Young man and blind senior sitting on bench in park in city, using smartphone.

About Visual Impairment

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There is no denying that a diagnosis of vision loss or visual impairment can present challenges that may feel insurmountable. It changes every aspect of life. However, it does not change who you are, what you believe or, what you want to accomplish. The first step towards an independent future is overcoming fear and uncertainty. The more you know about vision loss, the better you will be prepared to face it.
A man with visual impairment is using assistive technology while working on a computer

Services + Support

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VIA is the singular resource for people who are blind and visually impaired that supports every facet of living. We provide a comprehensive set of services to help anyone dealing with vision loss at any level, at any age, with whatever they want to accomplish.